Welcome to AktivDaheim

The objective of the project AktivDaheim (active@home) is to develop a serious game for people with dementia in a concept of integrated multimodal training. Personalised exercise units motivate in a playful manner to stimulate cognitive processes, to address the locomotion system and social inclusion. Touch display, interactive mat, eye tracking and wearable bio-signal sensor technologies offer affordances for entertaining, sensorimotor sequences and for data capture and analysis of cognition and locomotion specific behavioral parameters. Easily usable interfaces enable planning and autonomous daily practice to formal as well as to informal carers in a weekly rhythm so that people with dementia can stay longer at home, with the aim to stop or at least slow down the progress of dementia.

The Project Active@Home  (2015-2017) was funded by BMVIT in the context of programme benefit of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Our Motto

The old age is a deep bow to life.

— Pyhrr, Gabriele Renate