Our Project

According to actual statistical data there are 130.000 people with dementia living in Austria. Due to a continuous increase of the Austrian population size, the amount will be doubled until 2050. Adequate and sufficient care, in particular in the own home, is currently one of the greatest technological and social challenges. AAL solutions so far focus on the stimulation of cognitive processes only, the human locomotion system is marginalised, the progress of dementia can in the best case be stopped or at least be slowed down.

The objective of the project AktivDaheim (active@home) is to develop a serious game for people with dementia in a concept of integrated multimodal training. Scientific studies showed that locomotion and social activities have a positive significant impact on the progress of dementia, a fundamental problem is motivation for the daily exercise. Therefore AktivDaheim motivates in a playful manner to perform personalised exercise units to stimulate cognitive processes, to address the locomotion system and social inclusion.

Touch display, interactive mat, eye tracking and wearable bio-signal sensor technologies offer affordances for entertaining, sensorimotor sequences and for data capture and analysis of cognition and locomotion specific behavioral parameters. Easily usable interfaces enable planning and autonomous daily practice to formal as well as to informal carers in a weekly rhythm so that people with dementia can stay longer at home, with the aim to stop or at least slow down the progress of dementia.

The Serious Game concept of active Daheim motivates with playful confrontation to perform individualized concentration and movement exercises daily and to support the cognitive and sensorimotor activation of its user to keep autonomy in their own homes. (A) playful scene from an similar project of active home Partners Famel GmbH, an implementation for school children (Schooltastic). (B) supporting the sensorimotor turn promotes cognitive skills (people with dementia during exercise training in Sozialverein Deutschlandsberg).